26 October 2013

Identifying the Root for an Arabic Word 3

Another method to indentify the Root for Qur'anic Words is given below. This method can be used on Android mobiles. If you don't have android mobile, you can ignore this post, since I have provided 2 other methods earlier and also plan to provide more methods of identifying roots in near future inshaALLAH! 

1. Go to Google play direct link:
Or search Quran Tafsir Pro in Google play.

 2. Install the software on your android mobile.  Click install button, since I had already installed, it is only giving open and uninstall option. You will see install button and on clicking it install will start inshaALLAH!

3. After installing it, open it and you will see the following inshaALLAH! :

3. Touch Surahs, you will reach following inshaALLAH!  You can navigate down to see all Surahs.

4.  Suppose you want to know the root for the word ٱلْمُسْتَقِيم used in Surah 1, you touch Surah 1. and after navigating down a little you reach the following inshaALLAH! : 

5. Touch ٱلْمُسْتَقِيم and you will get the following inshaALLAH!

6. On this Root is mentioned in white as ق و م
Now you got the root!
Further work : You can contact http://salaamsoftware.com/contactus.html and ask them to launch similar free tool for laptops/computers also.