27 October 2013

Typing Arabic with English Keyboard 1

Being able to type Arabic is important and some tools allow typing Arabic quickly and easily using common English keyboard also.

This tool can be accessed online and can also be downloaded. Downloaded version gives more options and is recommended instead of online option.

1. Go to www.eiktub.com
2. See conversion table at the bottom and start practicing typing.

 3. The downloaded version gives more options. See screenshots of downloadable version on:

4. To download visit link and see instructions:

5. Here is guide to downloading:
Click the link circled in below images:
opera browser
 Firefox or internet explorer

6. Now is tricky part since downloadable file is not hosted on same site,  see below screenshot to see which link to click and which link to not click

 7. Download will start automatically and if in case it doesn't click link circled in below.

8. When the file is downloaded, run the setup program to install it on your computer.

9. The downloaded version looks like this:

10. After typing the word or words, you can copy and then paste in your sites, documents, or study and research tools to study and research further.