29 September 2014

Using Islam Port to search and study an Arabic word in 104 Arabic Qur'an Tafsir books, 167 Arabic dictionaries and language studies and 211 Qur'anic studies books

Islam Port site can be used to search and study a word in about 104 Arabic Qur'an Tafsir books, 167 Arabic Dictionaries and 211 Qur'anic Studies books.

1. Islam Port site Index 2 gives books counts also along with areas covered.

2. Below are links to books and search pages from where you can search a word in all books in the category.

104 Arabic Qur'an Tafsir Books :
Study Books 1 by 1 online or download in bok format 

Search any word in all 104 books together

167 Arabic Dictionaries and Language Studies:
Study Books 1 by 1 online or download in bok format 

Search any word in all 167 books together

211 Arabic Qur'anic Studies Book:
Study Books 1 by 1 online or download in bok format 

Search any word in all 211 books together

3. See Typing Arabic with English Keyboard 1 to type in Arabic and then copy and paste into search box of any of the above 3 book sets search pages.

4. As a sample I am searching in 167 Arabic dictionaries and Language studies. Same method can be used for Arabic Qur'an Tafsir books and Arabic Qur'anic Studies books.
Select 1st option:

Type in Eiktub without harkaat and copy the typed word:

Paste the word in search box and press the ابحث button :

Results are in multiple pages.To have all results on a single page edit 10 in browser and replace it with 1000.

After setting 1000 or any big number, results on single page. You can also set exact number based on actual number of results. See below screenshot.

Now 2nd search will have to be done using internet browser since it hasn't highlighted all the results. See this post to see comparison of browser searches at the end for 3 internet browsers. Press Ctrl with f to open browser search box and paste the word in it also.

Now study the results in books 1 by 1 selecting the book you want to study 1st, or book showing most relevant context with the search word 1st, and then next important and so on. e.g. in this search 3rd result selected 1st.

After opening the book page in new tab, again press Ctrl with f, and copy and paste the same word again to get it highlighted.
You can also check previous pages, search same word in it and if found try 1 more previous page and so on till you find the word consecutively in all previous pages and then you can start research on that word from that page. After completing that page, study next page and so on. But before starting study of any page, get the relevant word highlighted.

After studying the search results in 1 book, open new book page in new window and repeat the same process. Then study next important book and so on, till you study the topic in sufficient detail.