17 September 2014

Quickly access and study any Qur'anic Ayat Word by Word in Qur'anic Arabic Corpus

Using below link you can quickly reach the page of any Qur'anic Ayat for Word by Word Analysis given in Qur'anic Arabic Corpus
To see and study word by word analysis of any Ayat in Qur'anic Arabic Corpus Word by Word, just edit the above yellow highlighted portions. For Surah, edit 3 and enter any number from 1 to 114 for the Surah you want to study. For Ayat, edit 7 and enter any Ayat number you want to study for that Surah and press Enter to study the Word by Word Analysis of that Ayat.

Also see Identifying The Root for an Arabic Word 1 to see further steps when on an Ayat to study any word in further detail

Note: Verification of Qur'anic Arabic Corpus is not yet complete, so use with additional verification.

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This page is for Qur'an Dictionary on Qur'anic Arabic Corpus.