19 September 2014

Quickly Studying any Qur'anic Root, its Derived Words and Concordance in Qur'anic Arabic Corpus

To quickly access and study a Qur'anic root along with its derived words and their concordance on Qur'anic Arabic Corpus directly and quickly. Visit below link:

Write English equivalent of any root you want to study in yellow highlighted portion of browser and press Enter to directly go to the page on Qur'anic Arabic Corpus Dictionary regarding that root giving concordance data for the root along with derived words from the root used in The Qur'an.

See below image giving conversion letters i.e. learn which letter you have to type in English for corresponding Arabic letter. Type the letters without any spaces in between e.g. to study root و ق ي along with all its derived words and their concordance on Qur'anic Arabic Corpus, type wqy , to study ع ص م type ESm and press Enter.

Screenshot from Qur'anic Arabic Corpus site:

If you can't find a root i.e. the word you are trying to study has a different root assigned to it on the site, following 2 methods can be used: 

Method 1:
i. Instead of entire root, type only 1st letter of root
ii. Click the arrow button to open down menu and select the root or word you want to study along with all its occurrences. 
iii. Click Go.

Method 2:
1. If you know the Surah and Ayat number in which the word is used, you can find out the root using below post instructions. 
2. Then use the direct method of pasting entire root equivalent in browser as discussed at the top of this post.