22 March 2016

Lisan ul Arab لسان العرب by ابن منظور Ibn e Manzoor (Lisan al Arab) search & study online & download PDF for its editions and supplements

Lisan ul Arab لسان العرب (Lisaan ul Arab) is the most famous and one of the most comprehensive dictionaries of the Arabic language. Ibn e Manzoor ابن منظور compiled his book from the material found in 5 books mainly : Tahdhib al-Lughah by al-Azhari تهذيب اللغة , al-Muhkam by Ibn Sidah المحكم , as-Sihaah by al-Jawhari الصحاح  , Hashiyyat as-Sihaah / Hawaashi by Ibn Barri حاشيات الصحاح / حواشي , and an-Nahayyah by Ibn al-Athir النهاية في غريب الحديث . He also used material from some other books. He cites The Qur’an, Hadith, and poetry in explaining the words. He has also rewritten information from some books in a more sequenced manner. Lane indicated that Taj ul Uroos which was his main source for his Arabic English Lexicon was mainly derived from Lisan al Arab. Lane said in preface page xxvii of An Arabic English Lexicon by Edward William Lane that : "Frequently it happens that an explanation is essentially the same in the Lisan el 'Arab and the Taj el-'Aroos, but more full, or more clear, in the former". Explanations are more full, or more clear in Lisaan ul Arab as compared to Taj ul Uroos. More material is in Taj ul Uroos as compared to Lisan ul Arab, but individual material if found in both usually has more detail and clarity in Lisan ul Arab as compared to Taj ul Uroos.

It is mentioned on page 81 in "Arabic Lexicography:  Its history, and its place in the general history of lexicography by Haywood" that (text in brackets added by me) "It (i.e. Lisaan ul ‘Arab) contains 80,000 entries, each devoted to one root and its derivatives, a number which was only surpassed by the "Tāj al-'Arūs" with its 120,000; the latter (i.e. Taaj ul 'Uroos) however, is comparatively deficient in its illustrative examples. (Reference to this statement in book is given to Ibrāhīm al Yazijī, articles Lisān al-‘Arab in "al-Diya', Vol. VI (1903-4), pp. 65-66. See also Dawrish, 100, Hamza, 243.") The definitions  of the “Lisān” are full, leaving no room for ambiguity: two or more definitions are often given for a single word, to ensure clarity. Numerous examples are quoted from the Qurān, the Sunna, poetry and proverbs...”
On page 82 of same book, he says, “Though Lane may have favoured the  "Tāj al-'Arūs", to the average educated Arab, the “Lisān” is still the major reference...

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Download PDFs of another edition of Lisan ul Arab (Dar Sadir, Bayrut edition)
Another 15 volume edition of Lisan ul Arab

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Tasheeh Lisan ul Arab

Tahqeeqaat o Tanbeehaat fi Mu'jam Lisaan ul Arab

An attempt to cover material missed in Lisaan ul Arab

Some Other Books related to Lisan al Arab
Irtishaaf ul Darab min Lisaan ul Arab

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لسان العرب
مقاييس اللغة
الصّحّاح في اللغة
القاموس المحيط
العباب الزاخر

لسان العرب هو أشمل معاجم اللغة العربية وأكبرها، قام ابن منظور بجمع مادته من خمسة مصادر وهي

تهذيب اللغة للأزهري
المحكم لابن سيده
الصحاح للجوهري
حواشي ابن بري
النهاية في غريب الحديث لعز الدين ابن الأثير.

أراد ابن منظور بكتابه أن يجمع بين صفتين: الاستقصاء والترتيب؛ إذ كانت المعاجم السابقة –كما يقول هو– تعنى بأحد هذين الأمرين دون الآخر، و أخذ على نفسه أن يأخذ ما في مصادره الخمسة بنصه دون خروج عليه، واعتبر هذا جهده الوحيد في الكتاب، وتبرأ من تبعة أية أخطاء محتملة بأن ما قد يقع في الكتاب من خطأ هو من الأصول، وإن تصرف قليلا في النهاية فغير شيئا من ترتيبها.

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