27 May 2016

Meaning of The Arabic Word عَقْل Aql and verb عَقَلَ يَعْقِلُ Aqala Ya'qilu

Core meaning shades for the Arabic word Aql عَقْل

Root : ع ق ل

Pattern : فَعْل

Word : عَقْل

It is an intellectual quality, which if used properly,
enables its user
to grip, comprehend, understand the situation
and proceed in a reasonable, rational, intelligent manner.

It is a quality that
withholds or restrains its user from doing that which is not suitable and befitting and
binds or confines its user to do that which is suitable and befitting.

Opposite of حُمْق

Form I (a-i) verb 
he used عَقْل

He is using and/or will use عَقْل

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