13 May 2016

Meaning of The Arabic Word Batil بَاطِل Baatil

Core meaning shades for The Arabic Word Baatil بَاطِل Batil

Root : ب ط ل

Pattern : فَاعِل

Word : بَاطِل

What does not actually fulfill what is expected or claimed or believed regarding it.

What does not properly fit into its assumed fitting place. 

What does not fulfill or does no longer fulfill its real and proper purpose or requirement or benefit to the required extent, or it is or it becomes null and devoid from its purpose

What is or proves when tested, verified, investigated, or inquired into as not established, unfounded, unsound, false, untrue, unreal, of no account, of no force, of no effect, going for nothing, devoid of virtue or efficacy, null, void, perished, lost, vain, futile, worthless, useless, unprofitable, fictitious, spurious, wrong, incorrect.

Opposite of حَقّ .

Last edited : 13 May 2016

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