22 May 2016

Some New Time Saving and Quick Study Trends in Islamic Research

Some new time saving and quick study trends have been recently introduced in Islamic Research. Time is very precious these days, and efforts have been made on quick study tools so that a person can:

access and study the required material as quickly as possible in as many books as possible

Qur'an Ayat Navigators

1. Direct and immediate Access to any Ayat of The Qur'an using Qur'an Ayat Navigators . Specially check Qur'an Ayat Navigator 2 and Qur'an Ayat Navigator 5 .

Qur'an Concordance

2. Qur'an Pattern-wise Concordance in combination with Qur'an Root-wise Concordance

Study an Arabic Root or Arabic Word in multiple Arabic Dictionaries

3. Quick access to any Arabic root in multiple Dictionaries together. See Arabic Roots Tool and Using Arabic Almanac .

Quick and Direct Study of Arabic Particles in Multiple Books

4. Quick Study of Arabic Particle or related word in multiple books . See Arabic Particles Tool

Quick Study of Books via indexing

5. Not only PDF downloads of books, PDF download + Post with embedded Index and embedded Quick Study Tool e.g. See Howell Arabic Grammar , Wright Arabic Grammar , Al Furooq al Laghawiyyah , Miatu Amil English Sharh , Qawaid e Zaban e Qur'an, Aasaan Khaasiyyaat e Abwaab etc.  

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