11 May 2016

Shades of The Meaning of The Arabic Word ظَنّ Zann

The Meaning Shades of The Arabic Word ظَنّ Zann
Root :  ظ ن ن
Pattern :  فَعْل
Word :  ظَنّ 

A forming of opinion between 2 extremes that are different in probability, with the mind's inclining to one of them by making one of them outweigh the other without rejecting the other completely.

When reality of something is not known with certainty, a person by making an opinion on it, can incline nearer to reality or farther from reality.

An inference from a sign, mark, token; when strong, nearing knowledge; and when very weak, nearing وَهْم or doubt or uncertainty. 

Assumption, presumption, supposition, probability, speculation, conjecture.

A belief or opinion with the possibility that otherwise may be true.

A probable/uncertain: belief/opinion/supposition/thought.

A belief/opinion/supposition/thought based on probability/uncertainty.

Knowledge obtained by considering with endeavor to understand, not by perception by senses.

When followed by أَنَّ , the one having it assumes with surety despite it being based on probability/uncertainty. 

Used against يَقِين and عِلْم and حَقّ .

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/ = and OR or.

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