3 June 2016

Some Arabic Learning books for which PDF not available online

If any one has PDF of any of the following books, send me the link at revivearabic @ gmail.com . Specially the 1st list has unique content.
Edited: 11-July-2016
1st list :  
A Dictionary of Arabic Grammatical Nomenclature: Arabic - English
by Antoine El-Dahdah 
also called Abou Fares el-Dahdah

This dictionary treats the Arabic grammar through a group of 1920 words and expressions, listed in alphabetical order, and selected by the author to constitute the Arabic Grammatical Nomenclature. They are composed of the following:
1- Letters of construction and signification, variable and invariable nouns, complete and deficient verbs.
2- Useful speech: Isolated words and sentences.
3- Declension and structure with their titles and signs.
4- All the measures, plus various informations about incorporation and defection.
Descriptions are in Arabic and English in parallel columns.

Hardcover: 718 pages
Publisher: Librairie du Liban (November 15, 1993)
Language: English, Arabic 
Fair Price: $40 to $45 

Its Arabic Only version PDF is available for download: Mu'jam Lughat in Nahw il Arabiyy .
Arabic with English version image previews below:
2nd list : 
Causes and Principles in Arabic (English and Arabic Edition) by Joyce Akesson 
Arabic for Nerds: 270 Questions on Arabic Grammar by Gerald Drissner