2 July 2016

Motivation: Life, Death, 3 Types of Infinite Life + Videos on the Reality of Life and Hereafter and the Importance of Time

Motivation : Life, Death and 3 Types of Infinite Life

1. 100/Infinity=0.
100 (life of this world is less than this usually)
divided by
Infinity ( life of hereafter )
= 0 (which mathematically & scientifically proves that this life is nothing compared to the hereafter).

2. This Finite life of a few dozen years is the most crucial & important portion of our infinite life as it is to be the basis of our infinite life. Each second here shapes our infinite life ahead! Intentions x efforts made in this life for the finite age allotted here become the basis of the level of Pleasures or Pains in the infinite life that will be allotted in the hereafter.

3. There are 3 Major categories in the Hereafter. Paradise 1, Paradise 2 and Hell. Read Surah Waqia (Surah 56). And within these 3 major categories there are further divisions depending on the level of intention and striving. e.g. Reward is not the same for all people of one category but differs depending ontheir intention and striving. Read Surah An’am (Surah 6) : Ayat 132

4. Whatever you may like to have in this world, remember that ALLAH is its CREATOR and HE can give you much better version of it or alternate to it in the hereafter, so you should be trying to strive for a higher level of Paradise to get a better/more beautiful/more pleasing… etc. version of the thing you want, as once this life is over, you won’t be able to increase the level by your own effort. All you have is given to you by ALLAH, and all you can ever want can only be given by ALLAH.

5. Some may say, why mention rewards, why not, only for ALLAH. We do it for ALLAH, but ignoring the rewards created in Paradise specially for its dwellers, is a kind of ungratefulness. It is too easy for ALLAH to create these things. Surah 56 concept of Saabiquun (the ones who take the lead) who are the Muqarrabuun (Those brought near ALLAH). After mentioning this nearness, their rewards are mentioned which are much better than the rewards of Paradise 2. The higher the level of Paradise, the more the nearness to ALLAH & the better the rewards. Doing for ALLAH includes not doing something which ALLAH doesn’t approve, ALLAH is Ever Merciful, a disobedience once done can be forgiven by ALLAH, but the fact that you have disobeyed ALLAH at that moment in time & space will remain. ALLAH has made this life a test & in this life there are trials & tribulations, do’s & don’ts, and struggles etc. Things like struggling for ALLAH,sacrificing our life & wealth for ALLAH can not be done in the Hereafter. If you want to do anything for ALLAH, do it from your remaining allotted worldly life. Now is the time! … Now!

(Note: By Intentions x (i.e. multiplied by) efforts mentioned in point 2, I mean each deed is a combination of intention behind it and effort put into it and plural of these means all lifelong intention x effort pairs. Some other Forces are also in action like Forgiveness from ALLAH, Forgiveness from the one whose right has been violated, Mercy of ALLAH, correcting the wrong done by the sin, returning to the correct, doing kaffaara for the sin (some prescribed act which completely covers up the sin) etc. Paradise 1 & Paradise 2 are not names, but just mentioned to differentiate between the 2 major categories. And ALLAH Knows the Exact Truth!

Motivational Videos on Reality of Life, Hereafter, Importance of Time

Freely download and watch the following videos

Set 1: 

ALLAH The Lord of the worlds : download , watch online .

After Death : download , watch online .

Last Breath – Time’s Up!

Life of World compared to Hereafter

Muhammad Ali brief speech on Life

What's More Real: Life or Death? download in turkish , download english subtitles .

Set 2: 

1st see the note given below regarding set 2:

Some Names of ALLAH (For authentic description of ALLAH’s Attributes read the Qur’an, this video is just a small introduction.) 

The Truth of The Life of This World .

The transitory baubles of this world and our true abode, the hereafter .

The Secret of The Test .

Never Forget .

Time, One of ALLAH’s Great Blessings .

Answers from the Qur’an 1 , Answers from the Qur’an 2 , Answers from the Qur’an 3 (Regularly study the Qur’an & try to understand & follow it, these are just introduction)

Perished Nations 1 , Perished Nations 2 .

Miracles of the Qur’an 1 , Miracles of the Qur’an 2 , Miracles of the Qur’an 3 , Miracles of the Qur’an 4 ,

Miracles of the Qur’an Books : Book 1 , Book 2 , Book 3 .

Note: Set 2 videos are from Harun Yahya. I only recommend his documentaries I mention on my site, & his material to refute atheism & agnosticism & his material to prove Islam scientifically. Avoid his material on internal Islamic issues. These days, he is writing perverted material regarding Islam and has become a pervert and a 33rd degree mason himself in recent years and has become more like a shameless perverted cult leader.

Set 3:
Urdu Lectures:
Urdu: Realize the importance of time and leave laghw* things (laghw may be explained as anything that neither gives any benefit in the hereafter nor fulfills any legitimate worldly need. Every second is as precious as a big diamond which you either invest for the hereafter or throw away wastefully.) 

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