23 November 2016

Learn Arabic Word Sidq صِدْق Meaning

Learn Arabic Word Sidq صِدْق core meaning shades
Learn Arabic Word Sidq

Root : ص د ق
Pattern : فِعْل
Word : صِدْق

Firm / steady / strong / robust / sound
internally, externally and in reality (e.g. when put to the test).

In accordance / fitting with truth / reality / fact and
having consistency / agreement
between inside (intention, belief) and outside (speech, actions) and reality (what is the fact of the matter or what is actually the case),
between heart and tongue and reality.

Agreement of what is said with what is conceived in the mind and also with what reality is.
Accomplishing in reality what one has said and conceived in mind.

Not only believing and saying but doing accordingly also.
Performing to potential / skill / claim .

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