26 October 2013

Identifying the Root for an Arabic Word 2

Since the important and serious dictionaries are arranged according to roots, it is very important to identify root of a word. In this post, another method to get most probable root will be shared inshaALLAH! via which people with little or no experience also can identify roots.

This method can be used for trying to identify Roots for Words used in The Qur'an:
1. Note down the Surah number and Ayat number in which the Word comes. 
2. Go to site : http://qurandev.github.io/corpus/
3. On this choose Surah Name , e.g. Surah 2 "Al-Baqara"  
(click images in this post to see them in full size.)
4. Unlike the site in 1st post on identifying roots, in this site you can't directly go directly to Ayaat. You have to navigate or guess page number. Suppose you want the root for 

ٱلْقَيُّوم used in 2:255, there will be 2 methods:

i. navigating by clicking next page button again and again till you see the Ayat in which the required word comes. 

ii. Guessing the page number and then going nearest to the page containing the Ayat. Suppose you guess page 50. You type the page number after this
i.e. 50 after "/" in above address will give
and you press enter or go. A little ahead as this has taken to Surah 3, so you try page 40. 

Now you see Ayat 2:248 and you are very close to 2:255
Now 1 by 1 you check page 41 then 42, and on page 42 you find the required Ayat and Word. 

5. Now take the mouse arrow over the word and you will see a box containing some information including the root

 6. In this box it is mentioned "Root: قوم (660 times)"
Now you got the root!