29 May 2016

Islamic Projects

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Qur'an 3:160
Islamic Projects live and regularly updated status!
Page updated : 10-July-2018

Qur'an Concordance - Patterns - Roots - Letters COMPLETE!

Started in 2010, and completed in 2018 MashaALLAH! 

All Thanks to ALLAH, the project has been successfully completed in July 2018.
Pattern wise, Root wise and Letter wise concordance of The Qur'an. Sometimes even 1 entry requires many hours and consultation of many books. Visit this link to see introduction and to download all the material.

Qur'an Word Set Concordance COMPLETE!

Qur'an Word Set Concordance completed and loaded on this link in July 2018 MashaALLAH!

Qur'an Semantic Word Domain Concordance 2014-2018 COMPLETE! 

Arabic Almanac & Mawrid Reader 2013 phase 1 COMPLETE!

: 1st Position 2013 Islamic Project of the year with 19 books added in 2013 alone. Useful tool which you can download also and search and quickly study and research relevant concept in all the dictionaries together. See this detailed User Guide to start using this useful tool .Official Site of owner is http://ejtaal.net/

2014-2015 phase 2 COMPLETE!

Completed on 14 April 2015
After addition of 11 new books, now total 33 books. 31 unique books on AA and 2 on MR
New books
Mufradaat ul Qur'an by Raghib.
Asaas al Balaaghah by Zamakhshari.
Umdat ul Huffaaz Qur'an Dictionary 
Muheet ul Muheet by Butras Bustaani 
Tasheeh Lisan ul Arab
Misbaah ul Muneer by Fuyyumi
Al Munjid
Al Mu'jam al Ishtiqaqi l Muassal lil Alfaz il Qur'an il Kareem (added on 14-April-2015) 
(Note: Mughni al Labeeb addition to Arabic Almanac idea dropped, as it is better to make it part of another particles specific tool with at least 11 books.) 
Dictionary of The Holy Qur'an
Egyptian Arabic to English Dictionary 
Ensiklopedia Al-Quran

Phase 3 (started 10-June-2015, Erik is no longer responding to my reminders to continue work on it, Status: Uncertain) : Partially COMPLETE!

Phase 3 books successfully added to http://dev.ejtaal.net/aa , not yet officially launched on http://ejtaal.net/aa
3 more books planned to be added in addition to Phase 3 books already added to the dev version. 

Indexing of Books for quick study

Index important books. Create separate index pdf or webpage listing page numbers of a book and then listing Qur'anic Ayat that are covered in the pages (Tafsir works and translations and
Qur'anic studies works), or listing the roots that are covered in the pages. Searching a root or Qur'anic Ayat number to search and get page numbers 1 by 1 for the required Ayat or root.

1. Qur'an Quick Study Tools for accessing any Surah and Ayat or Root and Word quickly 2015/2016 COMPLETE!

Complete! Quick Study Tool Prepared and launched via:
http://revivearabic.blogspot.com/2015/01/quran-quick-study-tools-ayat-surah-root-word.html .

 Complete! . Arabic Particles & Related Words Quick Online & Offline Study Tool for Study in 16 Arabic Particles Books including Howell Arabic and Wright Arabic and Miat Amil and Arabic Almanac also linked Howell Arabic & Wright Arabic added, and Arabic Almanac linked on 1-July-2016.

 Complete! Arabic Roots Quick Study Tool

2. Fast Topics Locator for Howell Arabic Grammar 2014 COMPLETE!:

To download the fast topics locator, see this post and this online folder . Completed successfully in January 2014.
On 10 March 2015, new version uploaded. Now you can click the topics and study online directly on Archive streaming pages also in addition to the other option of noting down the page number and entering in PDF page box. Table of Contents relevant page can also be directly accessed online on archive streaming pages now. Howell Arabic Grammar Appendix, Glossary and Index of Subjects Navigator also added on 12 March 2015.
Fast Howell Arabic Grammar Notes Navigator added to above folder on 13 March 2015.

Revive Classical Arabic - In depth Posts on Topics of High Impact: PAUSED!

Publishing of in depth and unique posts on important topics in Arabic Grammar and vocabulary.
See Posts List and Services Offered .

Howell Arabic Grammar Scanning : 2013 COMPLETE!

2nd position 2013 Islamic Project of the Year. On request of the volunteer himself, he has not been named. Howell Arabic Grammar a 4758 page book more than 100 years old came to attention due to Microsoft scanning books 4, 5, 6, 7 and Google scanning book 2.  The books 1 and 3 out of 7 were missing, this volunteer found the missing 2 books 1 and 3 which had been scanned by Google but not yet easily searchable, and he made PDFs for these and then shared. Then he bought the complete 7 book set, bought a high quality scanner, un-binded the books and performed scanning of all the 7 books and generated 2 formats, OCR in which English can be searched also, and Snap, in which search facility was not available. All 7 books can be downloaded freely in multiple formats, visit this link to download the PDFs in multiple formats.

Mabhath ut Taalib 2014 PAUSED! : Arabic Arabic Searchable and Downloadable dictionaries tool, planned by owner of http://ejtaal.net/ 

Use : This link to study Beta version for now :  http://dev.ejaal.net/mabhath

Official Page  
Test Version 
Unofficial Volunteer Page

Scanning Project 2012-2013 COMPLETED!

Urdu books: 
 1. Done and uploaded (207 pages) Qur'an Majeed kay adbi israar o Ramooz   

قرآن مجيد كے ادبي اسرار و رموز

2. Some re-scans. (Done for Almanac next version)
If you have any suggested books for scanning, you can comment here. 
Note: in 1st stage only books related to Qur'an and Arabic Vocabulary and Grammar are being targeted.

2012-2013 targeted and completed list below  
1. High Priority List
1. Urdu translation of Mufradat al-Qur'an by Imam Raghib Asfahani old print in 2 volumes by Sheikh Muhammad Abduh Firozpuri
2. Urdu translation of Mufradat al-Qur'an by Imam Raghib Asfahani new print in 2 volumes by Sheikh Muhammad Abduh Firozpuri
3. Lughat ul Qur'an 6 volumes by Abd ur Rasheed Naumani
4. Mutaraadifaatul Quran in Urdu by Abdur Rahman Kilani
5. Anwar ul Bayan fi Hal e Lughat ul Qur’an , by Ali Muhammad, Maktabah Syed Ahmad Shaheed
6. Mukhtar us Sihah by Razi - Urdu Translation
2. Lower priority list:
7. Qawaid Zaban e Qur'an 2 volumes new editions (recently released November 2011 handwritten revised editions)
8. Urdu Translation of Awdah al-Tasheel li Sharh Ibn Aqeel (2 Vol set)
9. Arbi Ka Mualim Aur Kolidain (8 Book Set)
10. Masaail un Nahw wal Sarf by Maulana Mahmood Noor Hussain Qasmi
11. Alfaaz e Mutaraadifa kay darmayaan farq by Maulana Noor Hussain Qasmi
12. Mu'allim ul Inshaa 3 volume set
13. Qamoos alfaaz al Qur'an al Kareem by Abdullah Abbas Nadwi/Professor Abdur Razzaq
14. Qamoos ul Qur'an by Qazi Zain ul Abideen
15. Al Munjid
16. Misbaah ul Lughaat
17. Lisaan ul Qur'an 3 volume set + keys 3 volume set
18. Qaamoos Alfaaz of Istilaahaat e Qur'an by Amin Ahsan Islahi
19. Qur'an Majeed kay adby israar o Ramooz 

1. High Priority List

1. A Word for Word Meaning of the Qur'an 3 volume set by Muhammad Mohar Ali, one of the most important works in English.
1.ii. Re Scan of A Word for Word meaning of The Qur'an 3 volume set by Muhammad Mohar Ali in HQ and VHQ formats. (2013 target)
2. Vocabulary of the Holy Qur'an by Dr. Abdullah Abbas Nadwi
3. Grammar of the Classical Arabic Language  : Translated and Compiled from the Works of the Most Approved Native or Naturalized authorities 4758 pages (4 Vols. in 7 books) by Mortimer Sloper Howell. See below post for more details. (2013 target)

2 Lower priority list:
4. A Grammar of Classical Arabic by Wolfdietrich Fischer, Jonathan Rodgers (352 pages)
5. Qur'anic Keywords : A Reference Guide (Abdur Rashid Siddiqui) (296 pages)
6. Lisaan ul Qur'an 3 volume set + keys 3 volume set
7. Learn The Language of the Holy Qur'an by Dr. Abdullah Abbas Nadwi
8. Learning Arabic Language of The Qur'an by Izzath Uroosa
9. Arabic English Dictionary: The Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic 4th edition edited by J M Cowan (1301 pages)
10. The Quran (The book free of doubt) - explanatory essays into I'jaz al Qur'an and other topics by Syed Munir Wasti

Books on other subjects:
11. The Seal of Prophethood by Syed Anwer Ali

Mega Qur'anic Dictionary in Arabic PAUSED!

الـمـعـجـم في فـقـه لـغـة الـقـرآن و سـرّ بـلاغـتـه

Hunt for PDF files for remaining volumes is on, so far only 11 volumes found and uploaded on this folder from which you can download, if you find any other volume email me.
Note : 2 more volumes were found and uploaded on 31-March-2015 making total PDFs found=11
24 volumes found in another format and added on 16-June-2016 

Sponsorship + skilled paid manpower is required for below project :
Full Time Islamic Workers and Sponsors : OFF Project to utilize the skill of high potential Muslims full time.
 Any one can use.
1. Qur'anic Tafaaseer and studies tool IDEA! :

Similar to Arabic Almanac.
1. Containing page images for all books
2. With index named according to last Ayat being covered on each page image.  Named like 001.001 meaning Surah 1, Ayat 1.
3. Search like 001.002, 104.001, 002.200 etc. and all books to be added in images format like Arabic Almanac.
4. Each Ayat can then be linked directly from Qur'anic Arabic Corpus and other study sites.

1. Arabic to Arabic only tool: 
An Arabic Tool having all important books dealing with Qur'anic Morphology, Qur'anic Syntax, Qur'an Tafsir and other Qur'anic Studies areas, all of which can be studied instantly and together just by inputting Surah number and Ayat number and as a result displaying the relevant pages from all these books together for that,  like Arabic Almanac.

2.  Other languages tool:
i. A Word for Word Meanining of The Qur'an by Muhammad Mohar Ali 
ii. Urdu: Anwar ul Bayan fi Hal Lughat ul Qur'an by Ali Muhammad 
iii. Tafsir al Qurtuby Urdu Translation 
iv. In the shade of The Qur'an by Sayyid Qutb 
v. Tafheem ul Qur'an English by Maududi 
vi. Maariful Qur'an 
vii.  Tafsir ibn e  Kathir
Some progress already made and 5 Qur'an Ayat Navigators already launched. See

Quick Study Tools

2. Translations Organization IDEA

27 May 2016

Meaning of The Arabic Word عَقْل Aql and verb عَقَلَ يَعْقِلُ Aqala Ya'qilu

Core meaning shades for the Arabic word Aql عَقْل

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Root : ع ق ل

Pattern : فَعْل

Word : عَقْل

It is an intellectual quality, which if used properly,
enables its user
to grip, comprehend, understand the situation
and proceed in a reasonable, rational, intelligent manner.

It is a quality that
withholds or restrains its user from doing that which is not suitable and befitting and
binds or confines its user to do that which is suitable and befitting.

Opposite of حُمْق

Form I (a-i) verb
he used عَقْل

He is using and/or will use عَقْل

Last edited: 27-May-2016.

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22 May 2016

Some New Time Saving and Quick Study Trends in Islamic Research

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Some new time saving and quick study trends have been recently introduced in Islamic Research. Time is very precious these days, and efforts have been made on quick study tools so that a person can:

access and study the required material as quickly as possible in as many books as possible

Qur'an Ayat Navigators

1. Direct and immediate Access to any Ayat of The Qur'an using Qur'an Ayat Navigators . Specially check Qur'an Ayat Navigator 2 and Qur'an Ayat Navigator 5 .

Qur'an Concordance

2. Qur'an Pattern-wise Concordance in combination with Qur'an Root-wise Concordance

Study an Arabic Root or Arabic Word in multiple Arabic Dictionaries

3. Quick access to any Arabic root in multiple Dictionaries together. See Arabic Roots Tool and Using Arabic Almanac .

Quick and Direct Study of Arabic Particles in Multiple Books

4. Quick Study of Arabic Particle or related word in multiple books . See Arabic Particles Tool

Quick Study of Books via indexing

5. Not only PDF downloads of books, PDF download + Post with embedded Index and embedded Quick Study Tool e.g. See Howell Arabic Grammar , Wright Arabic Grammar , Al Furooq al Laghawiyyah , Miatu Amil English Sharh , Qawaid e Zaban e Qur'an, Aasaan Khaasiyyaat e Abwaab etc.  

Also see: http://revivearabic.blogspot.com/p/posts-list.html

18 May 2016

Meaning of The Arabic Word مُنْكَر Munkar

Core meaning shades for the Arabic word Munkar مُنْكَر

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Root : ن ك ر

Pattern : مُفْعَل

Word : مُنْكَر

Anything e.g. action, deed, saying, community custom, commonly known thing that is:
unrecognized, not acknowledged, disapproved, unidentified, unacquainted with, deemed unpleasant or unfamiliar or strange
by sound: intellect / reason 
or by
established Islamic teachings .
or by both the above. 

Opposite of مَعْرُوف

Last edited: 18-May-2016.

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17 May 2016

Meaning of The Arabic Word Ma'roof مَعْرُوف Ma3roof

Core meaning shades for the Arabic word Ma'roof مَعْرُوف Ma3roof

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Root : ع ر ف

Pattern : مَفْعُول

Word : مَعْرُوف

Anything e.g. action, deed, saying, community custom, commonly known thing that is:
recognized, acknowledged, approved, identified, acquainted with, deemed pleasant or familiar:  by
sound: intellect/ reason 
or by
established Islamic teachings .
or by both the above. 

Opposite of مُنْكَر

Last edited: 17-May-2016.

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16 May 2016

Meaning of The Arabic Word Haqq حَقّ Haq

Core meaning shades for the Arabic word Haqq حَقّ Haq

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Root : ح ق ق

Pattern : فَعْل

Word : حَقّ

What actually fulfills what is expected or claimed or believed regarding it.

Something being/happening or establishing/proving in such a way that its being/happening or establishing/proving is undeniable.

Properly fitting in its proper place.

An action, saying etc. done or something being at its proper/fitting:
place/time/way/manner/quantity/quality etc.

A proper, fitting, befitting,
firm, solid, concrete, well-founded, steady, sound,
established, certain, sure, undeniable, worthy :
truth,reality,fact (, act, saying, being, thing etc.)

In accordance with truth/reality/fact.

Being proper/ correct + established/ solid/ certain/ undeniable.

Something appearing in a concrete/solid form or being established.

What when tested, verified, investigated, or inquired into proves as established, well-founded, sound, concrete, worthy, useful, productive, beneficial, valid, right, true, correct.

Conceptual ideas to understand better:
The head of the thigh bone fitting perfectly into its socket  .
The door with extended fitting extension on bottom fitting perfectly into its socket & capable of moving with stability .

Some say that roots with ح ق together usually have meaning shade of being established.

Opposite of بَاطِل

Last edited: 16-May-2016.

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14 May 2016

Watch Free Videos on Learning Arabic Grammar and Arabic Language + some audios also

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Below is a selection of links for free Arabic Grammar Videos and Free Arabic Language Videos.
Draft 0.2 Last edited: 3rd March 2020

Learn Arabic in English
LQ Torronto Downloadable and Online Material

LQ Torronto material on Madina Arabic and some other material in video, audio and PDF formats .
Includes brother Asif Meherali's video lectures in various downloadable formats, and some lectures on advanced courses like Selections from The Glorious Qur'an by Dr. Abdur Rahim.

Some more embedded youtube videos  3 drop down menus using which you can select and watch the videos in sequence or the ones you want 1st.

LQ Torronto youtube page .

Youtube playlists for Madina Arabic set and Selections from The Glorious Qur'an

Selections from The Glorious Qur'an
Madina Arabic Book 1

Madina Arabic Book 2

Madina Arabic Book 3

Learn Arabic in Urdu
Comprehensive material by Amir Sohail in Urdu

Downloadable MP3 audio Lectures in Urdu on Qur'an Lughah, Sarf, Nahw and I'rab - not an ordinary series or usual Bayan ul Qur'an or Tafsir ul Qur'an but a unique and useful learning in these important fields of Qur'anic study. 

Note: Based on response received in terms of number of visitors to this page, InshaALLAH more videos will be added to this post.

13 May 2016

Meaning of The Arabic Word Batil بَاطِل Baatil

Core meaning shades for The Arabic Word Baatil بَاطِل Batil

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Root : ب ط ل

Pattern : فَاعِل

Word : بَاطِل

What does not actually fulfill what is expected or claimed or believed regarding it.

What does not properly fit into its assumed fitting place. 

What does not fulfill or does no longer fulfill its real and proper purpose or requirement or benefit to the required extent, or it is or it becomes null and devoid from its purpose

What is or proves when tested, verified, investigated, or inquired into as not established, unfounded, unsound, false, untrue, unreal, of no account, of no force, of no effect, going for nothing, devoid of virtue or efficacy, null, void, perished, lost, vain, futile, worthless, useless, unprofitable, fictitious, spurious, wrong, incorrect.

Opposite of حَقّ .

Last edited : 13 May 2016

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12 May 2016

Qur'an Translations and Tafsir, Miracles and Inimitability, free PDF downloads and Online Tools

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Freely downloadable material on Qur’an, its translation attempts, tafsir attempts, and studies like works on Qur’an’s Miracles, Inimitability, Balaghah, Language etc.

Free Qur’an downloadable PDF files and Online sites

Qur’an Arabic (Uthmani Script)

Qur'an Arabic (subcontinent style) 

Qur’an Arabic (another print in subcontinent style) 

Qur’an Arabic , mirror (Arabia Style)

Qur'anic Arabic (Tajweed Style)

Qur'an Arabic (with Tajweed and English Translation)

Qur'an Arabic (with tajweed, transliteration and English translation)

Qur'an Arabic (subcontinent style with Tajweed)

Qur'an I'rab App - Word by Word Nahw and Sarf information .

KSU electronic Qur’an Mushaf : Online browsing , Downloadable version , Android phones version . 

Learn to Recite The Qur'an .

Illustrated video tutorials on speaking Arabic Letters Properly , youtube playlists .

Al Muqri' : recitation learning tool .

A Word for Word Meaning of The Qur’an by Muhammad Mohar Ali : HQ and VHQ formats & images  ,  Other formats ,

The Textual Translation of The Quran The Supreme by Abdulaziz F. AlMubarak .

Al Huda Word for Word Translation of The Qur’an .

Qur’an Arabic in flash Ebook (also check more options, book type to check 12 styles in which you can read)

Qur’an Arabic – various downloadable styles .

http://quran.com (Useful online data)

www.quranpda.com (Various Downloadable documents)

Qur'an Tafsir Pro for android phones .

Qur’an Translation by Pikthal , mirror ,

Qur’an translation with footnotes by Pikthal , mirror ,

Qur’an Translation with footnotes by Saheeh International , mirror ,

Qur'an Translation with Arabic and footnotes by Saheeh International .

Qur’an Software with Arabic, & English Translation by Pikhtal

Qur’an Software with Arabic, & 9 English Translations & Translations in other languages ,

Qur’an Arabic with English translation by Mufti Taqi Usmani , mirror ,

The Meaning of The Holy Qur'an in Today's English by Yahiya Emerick : Vol 1 , Vol 2 , Vol 3
The Meaning of The Holy Qur'an for school children by Yahiya Emerick .

The Gracious Qur'an by Dr. Ahmad Zaki Hammad

Qur’an study site ,

Qur’an Translation by Aisha Bewley , mirror ,

Tafsir al Qurtuby Volume 1 English Translation.

Tafsir al Qurtuby complete Urdu Translation and Arabic versions

Qur’an Reciter Software with Pikthal, Shakir & Yusuf Ali translations ,

Qur'an Lughah, Sarf, Nahw & I'rab notes and lectures in Urdu by Hafiz Ahmed Yar Khan. 

Downloadable MP3 Lectures in Urdu on Qur'an Lughah, Sarf, Nahw and I'rab by Hafiz Ahmed Yar Khan

Video lectures on Translation & Explanation of the Qur’an in Urdu by Dr Israr Ahmed (The famous & widely watched Bayan-ul-Qur’an 1998).

Bayan-ul-Qur’an 1998 in HD format on youtube.

Bayan ul Qur'an 1998 PDF downloads : Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5 , Part 6 , Part 7 .

Video lectures on Translation & Explanation of the Qur’an in English by Dr Israr Ahmed .

Video lectures on Translation & Explanation of the Qur’an in English by Dr Israr Ahmed on youtube .

Urdu detailed Partial Dars e Qur'an videos by Dr Israr Ahmed .

Urdu detailed Partial Dars e Qur'an audios by Dr Israr Ahmed . 

Selective study of The Qur'an by Dr. Israr Ahmed in Urdu . 

Selective study of The Qur'an by Dr. Israr Ahmed in English .

Qur’an Media player (from http://www.quranacademy.com)

Urdu: Tafheem ul Qur’an by Maududi .

Study 30 Arabic Tafaaseer side by side
(select Tafseer, then choose kul ut Tafaaseer, Select Surah number
& Ayat number and start studying the Ayat you want to research)

Tafsir Ibn e Kathir : online , download ,

In the Shade of the Qur’an by Sayyid Qutb , mirror ,

Tafsir fi Zilal il Qur'an by Syed Qutb in Arabic, English and Indonesian

Ma’ariful Qur’an by Mufti Muhammad Shafi

Qur’an Complex ,

Tanzil Navigator ,

AlTafsir site , great Tafsirs .

Qur’an Urdu resources
(Also contains freely downloadable Urdu: Tafsir Ibn e Kathir, Tafheem
ul Qur’an by Maududi, Ar Raheeq al Makhtoom, Sahih Bukhari & Sahih

Tadabbur i Qur’an by Amin Ahsan Islahi

Atlas of The Qur'an

Qur’an website ,

More Qur’an Translations: Pikthal, Daryabadi, Yusuf Ali, Asad, Muhsin Khan, Abdel Haleem and more… .

Online Qur’an and other books study tool .

Various tafaasir and related books .

Urdu Tafsir of Amin Ahsan Islahi & Ghamidi side by side .

www.qurantracker.com Qur’an memorization tool

Qur'an various translations

[The Arabic Qur'an is the Miraculous & Flawless Word of ALLAH , but
translations are merely attempts to study & then present the limited understanding of the translator. Additional loss to translation occurs by removing the translator's footnotes & explanation. Learning Classical Arabic Grammar oneself & studying the Qur'an directly is better.]

Miraculous Qur’an – Qur’an’s Inimitability, Balaghah, Language. Miracles etc…

Qur’anic Studies: Grammar & Balaghah + Literacy Aspects , mirror.

Arabic Gems .

Qur’anic Collections by Abu Ezra live folder , Blog posts on Qur’an’s Linguistic Miracles .

Qur’an The Linguistic Miracle 2nd Edition , mirror .

Blog posts by Hamza Tzortzis on the Inimitable Qur’an

Top Scientists Confess that the Qur’an is the Word of ALLAH , 

Unchallengable Miracle , ( www.quranmiracles.com ) .

The Qur’an : The Book Free of Doubt - explanatory essays into I’jaz al Qur’an and Other Topics – by Syed Minir Wasti

Unchallengeable Miracles of The Qur'an .

www.islamic-awareness.org ,

Overwhelming scientific miracles in the Qur’an (Only see the scientific miracles & some interfaith material & try to avoid the site’s remaining content)

Miraculous Qur'an and Related videos by Dr. Zaghloul : Site , Youtube .

Qur'an Concordance

Concordance of the Qur’an - Patterns Roots Letters Synonyms

There are less than 2000 unique roots used in the Qur’an. Using the Qur’an to explain the Qur’an is the 1st way of Tafsir & for that concordance tools can be useful.

Qur'an Ayat Navigators

Qur'an Ayat Navigators 1,2,3,4,5

Qur'an Ayat Navigator 2 

Qur'an Ayat Navigator 5 

More Islamic Tools

Arabic Roots quick study in Arabic Almanac, Qur'anic Arabic Corpus, Baheth and Mawrid Reader (words)

Arabic Particles Tool .

Online Arabic Keyboard

Mutaradifat ul Qur'an مترادفات القرآن quick study - Qur'an Semantic Word Domain Concordance

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Mutaradifat ul Qur'an مترادفات القرآن is a book in Urdu compiled by Abdur Rahman Kilani. It focuses on Semantic Word Domains. The method is that the author first lists an Urdu topic under which he classifies various Arabic words. Then he discusses the differences in meaning shades between these. In the end he gives the crux of the discussion in the form of a brief 1 liner summary for each word. In addition to this, the book also briefly covers some other interesting Qur'anic topics.

The book was originally compiled in Urdu. The link to download the PDF directly is given below. 
Download Original Urdu PDF of Mutaradifat ul Qur'an .

Qur'an Semantic Word Domain Concordance PDFs were completed and loaded on the below link:

Qur'an Concordance - Patterns - Roots - Letters - Word Sets - Word Domains 

Download the concordance PDFs from the above link.  

11 May 2016

Shades of The Meaning of The Arabic Word ظَنّ Zann

The Meaning Shades of The Arabic Word ظَنّ Zann

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Root :  ظ ن ن
Pattern :  فَعْل
Word :  ظَنّ

A forming of opinion between 2 extremes that are different in probability, with the mind's inclining to one of them by making one of them outweigh the other without rejecting the other completely.

When reality of something is not known with certainty, a person by making an opinion on it, can incline nearer to reality or farther from reality.

An inference from a sign, mark, token; when strong, nearing knowledge; and when very weak, nearing وَهْم or doubt or uncertainty. 

Assumption, presumption, supposition, probability, speculation, conjecture.

A belief or opinion with the possibility that otherwise may be true.

A probable/uncertain: belief/opinion/supposition/thought.

A belief/opinion/supposition/thought based on probability/uncertainty.

Knowledge obtained by considering with endeavor to understand, not by perception by senses.

When followed by أَنَّ , the one having it assumes with surety despite it being based on probability/uncertainty. 

Used against يَقِين and عِلْم and حَقّ .

Last edited: 11-May-2016 
/ = and OR or.

Also check other posts in the Arabic Words Core Meanings Series

10 May 2016

Critical 3rd Party Islamic Projects Pending since Years

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Following are some projects that are pending since long and are very critical and important.

Pending since 2011
1. Qur'anic Arabic Corpus by Dr Kais Dukes. (Last update was in May 2011)

2. English Translation of Qawaid Zaban e Qur'an by Khaleel ur Rahman Chisti. (English version still not released despite its incomplete draft being seen in 2011)

Possible solutions:
1. Convince them to:
a. Resume the project themselves.
a. Lead and participate in the project with others.
b. Coordinate in the project and provide consultancy and let others do the work. 

2. Get the data from them and Launch your own project.

Appendix 1:
Dr Kais Dukes Contact :

Khaleel ur Rahman Chisti Contact: 

Appendix 2
Some posts on these tools on this blog: 
Qur'anic Arabic Corpus
Quranic Arabic Corpus - Word by Word, Syntactic Treebank and Translations - 3 in 1 QAC Navigator .

Arabic Roots Quick Study Tool - Access any root page directly on Arabic Almanac, Qur'anic Arabic Corpus, Baheth and others .

Qur'anic Arabic Corpus - Arabic Treebank by Dr. Kais Dukes .

Qur'an Ayat Navigator 5 Access Tanzil, Tafeem ul Qur'an, Asad, Yusuf Ali, Qur'anic Arabic Corpus and many translations

Identifying the Root for An Arabic Word 1 .

Qawaid e Zaban e Qur'an
Qawaid e Zaban e Qur’an قواعد زبان قرآن detailed arabic grammar book in Urdu with embedded Quick Study Tool + 3 English Translation Options Introduced!