20 January 2015

Arabic Particles & Related Words Quick Online & Offline Study Tool for Study in 16 Arabic Particles Books including Howell Arabic & Wright Arabic &Miat Amil & Arabic Almanac also linked

Arabic Particles and related words are very important since they have multiple possible meanings depending on context in which they appear. Trying to study and understand all the possible meaning shades of these Arabic Particles and related words is very important as these are frequently used. 
Download all 16 books & this quick study tool

Quick Guide:  
1st column gives Particles or Related Words Covered.
1.    Offline Method: The page numbers given in each books columns are the page numbers you can enter PDF page number box in downloaded PDFs of these books and go immediately to the page in the PDF.
2.    Online Method: Simply click the page number for any particle on any book you want to study to open the relevant page on Archive. Click + i.e. magnify button to increase page size on Archive and start reading.
Books include:
شرح الدمياني على مغني اللبيب
رصف المباني في شرح حروف المعاني
الجنى الدّاني في حروف المعاني
كتاب الازهيّة في علم الحروف
كتاب جواهر الادب في معرفة كلام العرب
كتاب معاني الحروف
نحت الحروف العاملة و تركيبها
مصابيح المغاني في حروف المعاني
دراسات لاسلوب القرآن الكريم

معجم حروف المعاني في القرآن الكريم
الفلسفة اللغوية و الالفاظ العربية
دراسات في اللغة
كفاية المعاني في حروف المعاني

Howell Arabic Grammar
Wright Arabic Grammar

Mi'at Amil and Sharh ماءة عامل و شرح English Translation & Annotations [NEW 7-2-16]
Also linked to Arabic Almanac
Also linked to Mawrid Reader

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Arabic Particles and Related Words notes in English published so far:
Notes for Arabic Particles and Related Words in English

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