22 September 2014

Search and Study any Arabic word in Lisan al Arab لسان العرب Maqayis al Lughah مقاييس اللغة Al Qamoos ul Muheet القاموس المحيط As Sihah fil Lughah الصّحّاح في اللغة Al Ubab uz Zakhir العباب الزاخر together

The site www.baheth.info has the ability to search and return good search results containing relevant data from the following 5 books, highlighting the searched root or word along with other related words in all the 5 dictionaries:
Lisan al Arab لسان العرب
Maqayis al Lughah مقاييس اللغة
Al Qamoos ul Muheet القاموس المحيط
As Sihah fil Lughah الصّحّاح في اللغة
Al Ubab uz Zakhir العباب الزاخر

Baheth contains alot of advertisements which you must not click. Also the owner of site has made it such that you can not directly link to any root or word. Any link to a root on baheth from external site does not work. All links coming to the site usually end up in same basic page. All search has to be done via searching within the search box.

I had contacted the author to offer freely downloadable version, but no response received. 

Advertisements shown in below screen shots in red box, never click them as these are advertisements. The main useful click-able area is in green box. Click below images to see larger images.
Another advertisement to avoid in below screenshot.

The words related to searched term are highlighted in yellow. In 1st image, I have not shown highlight. But in 2nd image above, you can see words related to فرق highlighted in yellow.

Now, how to effectively search and study words and roots. You can type in roots or words without harkaat using Yamli inbuilt into baheth or you can type in Eiktub without harkaat and copy and paste here. See Typing Arabic Letters in various Tools and Sites using the English equivalent Letters for knowing which English letters you have to type to get corresponding Arabic letters.

Above you can see, I typed frq and yamli automatically suggested various options, I have to click to get my required root فرق searched. Other option is to type in Eiktub and then copy and paste in search box above. After entering the required root or word, type the button ابحث to search. Searching gives 1st highlighted results and returns roots having the related words highlighted in yellow. This is 1st level of highlight, pinpointing possible areas of more interest. Here I have searched فرق but you can make the highlighting even more focused by searching the exact word you want to search e.g. you can search فرقان instead to get more specific and narrower results.

To get another level of highlight to get more focused pinpointing in addition to above فرق related highlighting, see following method. Suppose now you also want to get فرقان highlighted in different color to get 2 levels of highlighted words. Press Ctrl and then also press f while pressing Ctrl button on keyboard i.e. Ctrl+f.
In browsers this will open a search box and within this search box you can paste the required word, after typing on Eiktub or Yamli and then press Enter.
You can use any browser for searching for 2nd level, below methods are shown for 3 browsers from which you can use any or you can use any other browser also.
Opera gave 38 results since it searched regardless of harkaat in baheth data:

Internet Explorer gave 38 results when فرقان was searched, again regardless of harkaat in baheth data. Next and previous buttons have to be pressed to get the term highlighted and see it in context:

Firefox gave 2 results for search without harkaat only since it also takes harkaat into account and to get full results you will have to search and and others. 1st I search فرقان to get 2 results.

Then I search فُرْقان to get 31 more results

Repeat above steps to search other roots and words.