18 September 2014

Typing Arabic Letters in various Tools and Sites using the English equivalent Letters

Find what letter or letters you have to type in English to have the required Arabic Letter typed in various important online sites and tools. Learning these is very important for quickly researching and studying using these sites:

Download PDF from this link :

  • a / A means you can type either a or A to get ا and similarly for remaining letters
  • Baheth uses Yamli which gives a frop down list from which you have to choose the letter. 
  • For searching roots with ه in Arabic Almanac and Mawrid Reader, type the root with a space between each of the letters.
  • Click heading names in PDF to go to the site mentioned in heading.

Tools and Sites covered in this user guide include: 
Arabic Almanac & Mawrid Reader
Qur'anic Arabic Corpus Dictionary