16 May 2016

Meaning of The Arabic Word Haqq حَقّ Haq

Core meaning shades for the Arabic word Haqq حَقّ Haq

Root : ح ق ق

Pattern : فَعْل

Word : حَقّ

What actually fulfills what is expected or claimed or believed regarding it.

Something being/happening or establishing/proving in such a way that its being/happening or establishing/proving is undeniable.

Properly fitting in its proper place.

An action, saying etc. done or something being at its proper/fitting:
place/time/way/manner/quantity/quality etc.

A proper, fitting, befitting,
firm, solid, concrete, well-founded, steady, sound,
established, certain, sure, undeniable, worthy :
truth,reality,fact (, act, saying, being, thing etc.)

In accordance with truth/reality/fact.

Being proper/ correct + established/ solid/ certain/ undeniable.

Something appearing in a concrete/solid form or being established.

What when tested, verified, investigated, or inquired into proves as established, well-founded, sound, concrete, worthy, useful, productive, beneficial, valid, right, true, correct.

Conceptual ideas to understand better:
The head of the thigh bone fitting perfectly into its socket  .
The door with extended fitting extension on bottom fitting perfectly into its socket & capable of moving with stability .

Some say that roots with ح ق together usually have meaning shade of being established.

Opposite of بَاطِل

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