12 May 2016

Synonyms of The Qur'an, Mutaradifat ul Qur'an مترادفات القرآن quick study - Qur'an Synonyms Concordance

Mutaradifat ul Qur'an مترادفات القرآن is a book in Urdu compiled by Abdur Rahman Kilani. It focuses on Qur'anic Synonyms. The method is that the author first lists an Urdu topic under which he classifies various Arabic words. Then he discusses the differences in meaning shades between these synonyms. In the end he gives the crux of the discussion in the form of a brief 1 liner summary for each word. In addition to this, the book also briefly covers some other interesting Qur'anic topics.

The book was originally compiled in Urdu. The link to download the PDF directly is given below. 
Download Original Urdu PDF of Mutaradifat ul Qur'an .

A team of multiple volunteers, mostly youth attempted an English translation of the book and the organizer made a site for this English translation. This English translation is not available as PDF and all the topics are given as posts on the site. I found few mistakes in Translation like the topic heading translated as Yahoo , but still the attempt has to be acknowledged and it is definitely better than nothing, and for those who don't understand Urdu, I definitely recommend them to use the English translation attempted by volunteers. Click below site to visit.
Qur'an Synonyms - An attempt to Translate Mutaradifat ul Qur'an

I have launched a Quick study index project to give Qur'an Synonyms based concordance data for which a PDF index is being prepared. This project is to be completed once phase 2 of Qur'an Concordance - Patterns - Roots - Letters is completed inshaALLAH! .
(Note: Both projects paused for now, see cause at the end of this page)
This PDF is planned to contain:
Printed page number
PDF page number
Topic Reference Number
English Topic with link to archive streaming page
Urdu Topic with link to archive streaming page
Arabic Root
Arabic Word

The PDF is planned to be released in 2 formats:
Sorted Topic-wise
Sorted Root-wise

InshaALLAH! The planned methods to study once the tool is ready include:
Search a root in root wise sorted PDF and study all occurrences of that root along with the topics which cover the root. To study the root in Urdu, download this PDF. After downloading the PDF and quick study index PDF, open the quick study index, type the root with spaces using Arabic Keyboard and copy the root. Press Ctrl with f in the quick study index PDF to open PDF search box and paste the root in the search box and press enter. Note down the PDF page number and put the page number in PDF page box of the downloaded Urdu book and press enter to reach the page. After studying this page, put the next page covering the root and so on till all occurrences of the root have been studied. Along with this also study the root and its pattern in Pattern wise Root wise and Letter wise Concordance of The Qur'an to study the root and word from pattern and root angle also in addition to synonyms angle. To study the root and topics in English, simply click the English topic to reach the web page containing the topic in English.  
If you want to study the book alone, though above method is more recommended, simply open the topic wise sorted pdf and start studying the topics.

Screenshot above showing sample page.