24 March 2016

A Grammar of The Classical Arabic Language by Mortimer Sloper Howell - PDF Download - and Quick Study Navigators

A Grammar of the Classical Arabic Language: Translated and Compiled from the Works of the Most Approved Native or Naturalized authorities 4758 pages (4 parts in 7 volumes i.e. 7 books ) by Mortimer Sloper Howell 

Original print of Howell Arabic Grammar in The British Library

The present work is the largest grammar ever written, of the classical Arabic language (in English). The work is not simply a reconstructed descriptive grammar by a European specialist, but is an exposition of some of the best grammatical works in Arabic by native authorities. Many unique features of Arabic have been scientifically and systematically analysed with examples drawn from classical authors. Each of the three main features of the language, viz. the nouns, the verbs and the particles have been discussed in lengthy chapters running into hundred of pages. Howell discusses details in topics and proofs behind the rules by referencing to classical authorities.

Howell Arabic Grammar Online Quick Study Tool - Study Topics, Cross Reference and Table of Contents in 1 post NEW!

Howell Arabic Grammar Complete Set Online Folder (Download all 7 books in all available formats including 2013 HQ OCR and Snap Formats and Google & Microsoft Format) & also Fast Howell Arabic Topics Locator & Combined Table of Contents .

On this link, I have uploaded following new files for quick study of any topic in Howell Arabic Grammar along with its cross references quickly in all available formats.
1. Fast Howell Arabic Topics Locator V4 (loaded on Now you can click the topics and study online directly on Archive streaming pages also in addition to the other option of noting down the page number and entering in PDF page box. You can also click Table of Contents relevant page number against topic to open summary of contents online.
2. Howell Arabic Grammar Appendix, Glossary and Index of Subjects Navigator also added in above folder on 12 March 2015. 3.  Fast Howell Arabic Grammar Notes Navigator added to above folder on 13 March 2015.
4. Combined Table of Contents Howell Arabic for all 7 books
5. All 7 books of Howell Arabic Grammar Combined in single PDF (both OCR and snap formats)

Howell Arabic Grammar Google & Microsoft Scan on archive

Howell Arabic Grammar 2013 Scan on Archive

Howell Arabic Grammar 2013 Scan all 7 books combined in snap and ocr and Table of Contents

Main topics in 7 books mentioned below along with download links where available.
Book 1 PDF download: google scan , 2013 OCR scan , 2013 Snap scan .
Book 1 (Volume 1 & Part 1) : The Introduction; The Parts and Figures of Speech; Part I: The Noun: I. The Noun in General; II. The Generic Noun; III. The Proper Name; IV. The Inflected Noun; Nominatives; The Accusatives; The Genitives; The Appositives.

Book 2 PDF download: google scan , 2013 OCR scan , 2013 Snap scan .
Book 2 (Volume 2 & Part 1) : V. The Uninflected Noun; The Pronouns; The Demonstratives; The Conjuncts; The Verbal Nouns and …; The Uninflected Adverbs; The Compounds; The Uninflected Metonyms; VI. The Dual Noun.

Book 3 PDF download: google scan , 2013 OCR scan , 2013 Snap scan .
Book3 (Volume 3 & Part 1) : VII. The Plural Noun; VIII. The Indeterminate Noun and The Determinate; IX. The Masculine Noun and The Feminine; X. The Diminutive Noun; XI. The Relative Noun.

Book 4 PDF download: microsoft scan color , microsoft scan black and white , 2013 OCR scan , 2013 Snap scan .
Book 4 (Volume 4 & Part 1) : XII. The Numeral Noun; XIII. The Abbreviated and Prolonged Nouns; XIV. The Nouns Connected with Verbs; The Infinitive Noun; The Active Participle; The Passive Participle; The Assimilate Epithet; The Nouns of Time and Place; The Instrumental Noun; XV. The Triliteral Noun; XVI. The Quadriliteral Noun; XVII. The Quinqueliteral Noun.

Book 5 PDF download: microsoft scan color , microsoft scan black and white , 2013 OCR scan , 2013 Snap scan .
Book 5 (Volume 5 & Part 2 + Part 3) : Part II: The Verb; I. The Verb in General; II. The Preterite; III. The Aorist; IV. The Imperative; V. The Transitive and Intransitive; VI. The Passive; VII. The Mental and Transmutative or Factitive Verbs; VIII. The Non-Attributive Verbs; IX. The Verbs of Appropinquation; X. The Verbs of Praise and Blame; XI. The Two Verbs of Wonder; XII. The Triliteral Verb; XIII. The Quadriliteral Verb; Part III: The Particle; I. The Particle in General; II. The Prepositions; III. The Particles Assimilated to the Verb; IV. The Conjunctions; V. The Negative Particles; VI. The Premonitory Particles; VII. The Vocative Particles; VIII. The Particles or Assent and Affirmation; IX. The Exceptive Particles; X. The Particles of Allocution; XI. The Connective or Redundant Particles; XII. The Expository Particles; XIII. The Infinitival Particles; XIV. The Excitative Particles; XV. The Particle of Approximation; XVI. The Particles of Futurity; XVII. The Interrogative Particles; XVIII. The Conditional Particles; XIX. The Causative Particle; XX. The Particle of Reprehension; XXI. The J s; XXII. The Quiescent of Feminization; XXIII. The Tanwin; XXIV. The Corroborative; XXV. The 8 of Silence; XXVI. The and of Pause; XXVII. The Particle of Disaproval; XXVIII. The Particle of Trying to Remember.

Book 6 PDF download: microsoft scan color , microsoft scan black and white , 2013 OCR scan , 2013 Snap scan .
Book 6 (Volume 6 & Part 4.i) : Part IV: The Common Processes; I. Common Processes in General; II. Imala; III. Pause; IV. The Oath; V. The Alleviation of Hamza; VI. The Concurrence of Two Quiescents; VII. The Predicament of The Initials of Words; VIII. The Augmentativeness of Letters; IX. The Substitution of Letters; X. Transformation of the Unsound.

Book 7 PDF download: microsoft scan color , microsoft scan black and white , 2013 OCR scan , 2013 Snap scan .
Book 7 (Volume 7 & Part 4.ii) : XI. Incorporation; Appendix – Specimens of Parsing.

Acknowledgement :
May ALLAH Reward this person for the complete & excellent financial, physical and timely contribution towards this project. The scanning project was completed successfully on 29th April 2013. On request of the volunteer himself, he has not been named. Howell Arabic Grammar a 4758 page book more than 100 years old came to attention due to Microsoft scanning books 4, 5, 6, 7 and Google scanning book 2.  The books 1 and 3 out of 7 were missing, this volunteer found the missing 2 books 1 and 3 which had been scanned by Google but not yet easily searchable, and he made PDFs for these and then shared. Then he bought the complete 7 book set, bought a high quality scanner, un-binded the books and performed scanning of all the 7 books (his wife also helped him in this great effort) and then generated 2 formats, OCR in which English can be searched also, and Snap, in which search facility was not available. Same person also sent separate PDF of combined Table of Contents of all 7 books & also sent single pdf version containing all 7 books in 1 PDF for both OCR and snap formats.

Read Table of contents online, to have a preview of this in depth reference book on Classical Arabic Grammar in English :