10 May 2016

Critical 3rd Party Islamic Projects Pending since Years

Following are some projects that are pending since long and are very critical and important.

Pending since 2011
1. Qur'anic Arabic Corpus by Dr Kais Dukes. (Last update was in May 2011)

2. English Translation of Qawaid Zaban e Qur'an by Khaleel ur Rahman Chisti. (English version still not released despite its incomplete draft being seen in 2011)

Possible solutions:
1. Convince them to:
a. Resume the project themselves.
a. Lead and participate in the project with others.
b. Coordinate in the project and provide consultancy and let others do the work. 

2. Get the data from them and Launch your own project.

Appendix 1:
Dr Kais Dukes Contact :

Khaleel ur Rahman Chisti Contact: 

Appendix 2
Some posts on these tools on this blog: 
Qur'anic Arabic Corpus
Quranic Arabic Corpus - Word by Word, Syntactic Treebank and Translations - 3 in 1 QAC Navigator .

Arabic Roots Quick Study Tool - Access any root page directly on Arabic Almanac, Qur'anic Arabic Corpus, Baheth and others .

Qur'anic Arabic Corpus - Arabic Treebank by Dr. Kais Dukes .

Qur'an Ayat Navigator 5 Access Tanzil, Tafeem ul Qur'an, Asad, Yusuf Ali, Qur'anic Arabic Corpus and many translations

Identifying the Root for An Arabic Word 1 .

Qawaid e Zaban e Qur'an
Qawaid e Zaban e Qur’an قواعد زبان قرآن detailed arabic grammar book in Urdu with embedded Quick Study Tool + 3 English Translation Options Introduced!