Typing Formatting Proofing (1)

Typing + Formatting + Proofing offer price for Howell's Arabic Grammar conversion to searchable text with verification, proper formatting, with Arabic typed twice (i.e. with harkaat and then again in brackets without harkaat), and with correction commitment if any error found even later, per original book page is :2 British pounds/original book page converted.
Note: Page will be counted in complete standard 1 page size and if less than that, it will be counted in points, e.g. half page will be counted 0.5 and so on for other page types. Below samples images contain 2 complete pages.

Interested sponsors can contact me revivearabic @ gmail.com. InshaALLAH 1st Target of about 400 pages will be done personally by me due to some important tasks like merging, and adding correct page numbers for all types of available PDFs. For remaining targets, others can also participate. 

The work can be done in parts also, like suggested 1st target of about 400 pages InshaALLAH! : Abbreviations (done already as volunteer), Glossary (Merged from all books into 1) , Additions and Corrections (combined together), Abbreviations of References (Merged from all books into 1), Combined Table of Contents for all 7 books (with book number along with page number printed in books and number to be added in pdf page box to reach that page in Google/Microsoft Scans and 2013 Scans) , Reference to Authorities, Chronological List etc. i.e.  work planned be done in priorities, trying to do most important text 1st.

This 1st target as a single document itself can bring many benefits including:
  • Quickly search the complete word for Abbreviation.
  • Quickly search a word appearing in the books, and get result for it, if it is mentioned in Glossary to see its corresponding Arabic term.
  • See Additions and Corrections in separate document while studying.
  • Search authorities details by searching in Abbreviations of References.
  • Howell frequently referes to Topics in brackets e.g. [599, 652] meaning see S599. and S652.  Search S599. in Table of contents and know exactly which book and which page you can find the topic.
  • Study or Search Table of Contents and know exactly which books and which exact pages you have to study and how to immediately reach the required page in all types of scans available for Howell, which ever you choose. 
2nd possible Target is Notes for all 7 Books, again of about 400 pages.
  • It can help keep a searchable Notes document separately, while studying the contents of main books. 
On completion of 1st 2 targets, InshaALLAH! User Guide for using them will also be attached in same 1 document.

Above 2 targets can be used as an independent support tool to quickly study the 7 books and their additional notes.

Then remaining targets can be chosen from the actual contents of 7 books based on Sponsor priority.

For complete and maximum benefit, all contents of 7 books have to be typed again in proper formatting, so that readers can directly search contents in all the books and then read the required topic quickly in all the books. But starting from there where the need is most can quickly give some of the benefits with 1st target and 2nd target. 

Below 1 page samples from Howell Original books: 

 Below is sample output text screenshot (right click and save as to download and see in full size) :
Also, see online folder containing updated file so far, pages already done have been done as a volunteer and no price will be taken for them from sponsors. Only pages done with sponsorship will be charged according to above service price.