27 September 2015

Qur'an Concordance - Roots - Patterns - Letters - Synonyms . Concordance of The Quran from these 4 angles

All Thanks to ALLAH, the phase 1 of the project was successfully completed on 6th April 2014. MashaALLAH! new enhanced version has many improved entries and new sorting order, and entry reference numbers.
Online folder containing the phase 1 final documents

Phase 2 incomplete.

Additions and Improvements phase 2 PDF (24 July 2015) ( Note: pattern names will be revised after completion inshaALLAH! ) 

Pattern Wise concordance of Words from The Qur’an with some grammatical notes. Many efforts are being made on Root Wise concordance of The Qur’an, but the new and unique idea focuses on Pattern Wise concordance of the Qur’an gathering and sorting together similar patterns words of different roots together to study and understand pattern effects better. In Root Wise Concordance different patterns of the same root have some link to the root meaning. Similarly in Pattern Wise Concordance, same patterns usually have some similar effects on the meaning of roots.

Root Wise Concordance document has also been prepared and uploaded for maximum research and study benefit, so that you can study and research words from the same roots used in The Qur'an. Root Wise Concordance is one of the oldest and most widely used method. Most of the Classical Dictionaries are also arranged according to roots so that all derivatives of a root are studied together.

In addition to that Letter Wise Concordance documents have also been prepared and uploaded for even more study and research benefit, e.g. to analyze a word together with other words that have same 2 root letters at same locations and only 1 root letter being different at 1 location. Also what happens when same root letters are used but just their order is changed, i.e. examples are there in The Qur'an of even 6 unique roots using 3 root letters i.e. all possible combinations actually being used in The Qur'an, then there are 5 unique roots using 3 root letters, 4, 3 and so on...    

That is, while a researcher can:
1. Study all words from the same root used in The Qur’an to try to understand a word better (Root Wise Concordance)
2. He can also study same pattern words and similar pattern words used in The Qur’an to understand the word even more effectively inshaALLAH! (Pattern Wise Concordance)
3. He can the also try to understand the effects of same letters coming in same positions of the root in different roots etc. (Letter Wise Concordance)

Note: You must download below PDFs instead of opening in browser so that when you click links, your pdf remains open. If you open pdf online, on clicking any link the pdf will be replaced by webpage of clicked link.

Pattern Wise Concordance of the Qur’an

Root Wise Concordance of the Qur’an

Additions and Improvements PDF  (Use reference numbers to know entries improved or new entries added and study all concordance documents after checking these improvements. Update date mentioned in PDF name.)

Mirror for Root -wise and Pattern-wise concordance

Letter Wise Concordance of The Qur’an (Online folder link)

Letter Wise Concordance Quick Introduction :

common letters: Lists roots with common root letters in 1st 3 locations

F3L: Lists roots sorted according to root letter of ف, then ع, then ل

L3F: Lists roots sorted according to root letter of ل, then ع, then ف

3LF: Lists roots sorted according to root letter of ع, then ل, then ف

FL3: Lists roots sorted according to root letter of ف, then ل, then ع

3FL: Lists roots sorted according to root letter of ع, then ف, then ل

LF3: Lists roots sorted according to root letter of ل, then ف, then ع

Further Work for me: 
Once Synonyms concordance is complete, it will inshaALLAH be merged with this page. 
While working on Qur'an Synonyms Concordance , compare roots and patterns given in Mutaraadifaat ul Qur'an with Pattern Wise & Root Wise Concordance also, and if there is difference in root or pattern, recheck in detail using reference books and improve entries further in Synonyms or Pattern Wise and Root Wise concordance or both accordingly. Same roots and patterns to be followed in all types of concordance for effective research from multiple angles.

Further Work for volunteers :
Check the documents and suggest improvements and enhancements to make the concordance even more effective and efficient. Give new ideas. Also visit http://corpus.quran.com/messageboard.jsp and check and improve existing suggestions and post you own suggestions for improving the data.