21 April 2016

Qur'an Ayat Navigator 2 with embedded Quick Study Spreadsheet Tool

Study any Ayat of The Qur’an in various Qur’anic studies books including: 9 Arabic I’rab books, 4 English translations, and 2 Urdu books. (1 new English Translation added on 4 May 2016)

The Arabic Books include the following
إعراب القرآن الكريم و ترجمته
معجم إعراب الفاظ القرآن الكريم
نور اليقين معجم وسيط في إعراب القرآن الكريم
إعراب القرآن الكريم - ياقوت
الإعراب المفصّل لكتاب اللّٰه المرّتّل
بلاغة القرآن الكريم في الإعجاز إِعرابًا و تفسيرًا بإِيجاز
إعراب القرآن الكريم - طيّب
إعراب القرآن الكريم و بيانه - درويش
إعراب القرآن الكريم و صرفه و بيانه مع فوائد نحويّة هامّة - صافي

The English Books include the following
A Word for Word Meaning of The Qur'an
The Textual Translation of The Qur'an The Supreme
Word for Word Translation of The Qur'an
5 Volume Tafsir of The Qur'an

The Urdu Books include the following
تفسير قرطبي اردو
انوار البيان فى حل لغات القرآن

Online method to Directly access any Ayat in the Qur'an Ayat Navigator 2
1. Wait till the embedded sheet is loaded. Depending on your internet speed, this may take a minute or more. While the embedded sheet is being loaded, you can check the sequence of columns for each book mentioned in this post i.e. top book is on left most column of sheet and then next one to the right and so on for all listed books or sets.
2. Press ctrl and f keys of keyboard together, this opens search box at the top in the browser.
3. Enter the Ayat you want to study e.g. enter 114.006 in the search box and press Enter key.
4. This takes you to the Ayat in The Qur'an Ayat Navigator 2.
5. Then study the Ayat in The Qur'an Ayat Navigator 2 books by clicking the links given with the Ayat. 
6. After reading the Ayat in the books you want to study, search for the next Ayat using the above method.

Below is the embedded quick study spreadsheet tool for Qur'an Ayat Navigator 2