7 April 2016

Services Offered - Free for All Arabic Research and Education via Posts, Quick Study Tools and Projects

To prepare more free for all :

  1. In Depth Researched Posts to Learn Arabic in required detail, deep with focus on core and authentic meanings. The crux from multiple books with enhancement via research and contextual analysis where needed.
  2. Quick Study Tools to Learn Arabic Faster and Study The Qur'an more easily with Fast Referencing to Any Ayah in multiple books
  3. High Impact and Unique Projects.
  4. Speed up very high impact projects like Qur'an Concordance - Roots - Patterns - Letters - Synonyms - Phase 2 to have them completed as soon as possible

Sponsor Revive Arabic Projects, Tools and Posts

Win-Win for All

  1. All the knowledge is available for everyone anywhere, to Learn Arabic for free!
  2. I can spend a lot more time on generating
    • More posts
    • More Indexed Quick Study Tools.
    • More High Impact Projects
  3. Sponsors can advertise their halal business in return or can sponsor just to make this free for all Learn Arabic mission a success.  
  4. Even those who cannot sponsor can participate by sharing as many posts and pages as possible using the share buttons given at the bottom of each post and page. 
  5. This is a new initiative for Free for all In Depth Arabic Education. Play your part. 
  6. Sponsor time spent to prepare the tools and posts and promote this blog as much as you can. 
  7. Thorough research costs time.
  8. Sponsorship cost is $10 per hour and is same for all the below. Total sponsorship received since launch of blog till today: $ 0
  9. Sponsorship cost for advertisers is per month and varies based on location and type of advertisement. Email me if interested. Again for every $10, 1 hour of my time is dedicated inshaALLAH!. Total sponsorship in return for advertisement received since launch of blog till today: $ 0
  10. Difference between above 2 methods is that in pure sponsorship method, you can specify the exact post or tool or project on which the bought hours are to be spent, while in sponsorship via advertisement, I decide which post, tool or project I allocate time to, but in advertisement method you get advertisement space on the blog (monthly and renewable).
  11. Even without any kind of sponsorship, MashaALLAH!, Only by ALLAH's Continuous Help, projects, tools and posts have been done and inshaALLAH most important ones will still be attempted, though since February 2017 average allocated time per week had to be reduced significantly.
Email me at revivearabic@gmail.com to discuss.

1. Indexing of any book and embedded quick study tools. 
1. For Qur'anic works, indexing for each Ayat.
2. For Arabic Vocabulary works, indexing based on roots or words.
3. For Arabic Grammar works, indexing based on topics or sub-topics or grammatical terms.
4. For other books, indexing by topics or subtopics.

The index can then be used to make a quick study tool. I can help with that also since I have also made quick study tools by linking page numbers on archive for Qur'anic Ayat and also to Arabic books' topics.

Experience in this service: 

Indexed about 30 of the included books for :
Arabic Almanac and Mawrid Reader

Indexed all the books in:
Qur'an Ayat Navigators 1,2,3,4,5
Arabic Particles Tool 

Howell Arabic Grammar 

Prepared embedded quick study tools for
A Thesaurus for Distinctions of meanings between assumed Synonyms in Arabic
Wright Arabic Grammar
Sharh of Miatu Amil English
Qawaid e Zaban e Qur'an (Urdu)
Aasaan Khaasiyyaat e Abwaab - Arabic Verb Forms (Urdu)

All this was done free of cost, for ALLAH and Islam and I can continue doing in the limited free time I can get inshaALLAH! but with sponsored services many more books can be done and many more tools prepared

Suggested Indexing Project in my sight requiring sponsorship for quick launch:
Taj ul Uroos Quick Study Tool Idea .

2. More Posts on this Blog and Important Islamic Projects

If more time is allocated to this blog, like 50 hours per week, inshaALLAH! many more posts can be generated and this blog can be built as a reference blog for learning Classical Arabic. Phase 1 of this blog can be complete with coverage of following areas. An honest analysis of my posts on below topics will show that I am trying to add something unique to these important areas of Arabic. In addition to that, important Islamic projects can be completed much faster inshaALLAH! 

1. Learn Arabic Particles and Related Words Meanings
Time Consumption = Very High, 
Status = 7 posts! 
Importance and requirement of in depth posts = Very High:
Arabic particles and related words with multiple meaning shades (about 30+ posts) 
See Arabic Particles and Related Words Meanings for notes so far published.

2. Learn Arabic Verb Forms
Time Consumption = High,
Status = 13 posts and completed!
Importance and requirement of in depth posts = Very High:
Arabic verb Forms I to XI and BQI , QI, QIV 
See Arabic Verb Forms for published notes.

3. Learn Core Meaning Shades of Important Arabic Words
Time Consumption = Normal
Status = 13 posts!
Importance of posts focusing on core meaning shades of word instead of mixing relevant and less relevant meaning shades = High  
Arabic Vocabulary Posts on words used in The Qur'an that are very important. (About 300+ posts targeted) .
See Arabic Words Core Meanings for notes so far published.

4. Islamic Projects, specially Qur'an Concordance Project Phase 2.
Qur'an Concordance - Roots - Patterns - Letters - Synonyms - Phase 2
Time Consumption = Very High
Status = Slow moving since it requires a lot of time. Going without any kind of sponsorship as I am doing now, it is progressing slowly for now . If I manage to allocate some extra time, I am more eager than any of you to complete this one which I was working on since years.
Importance = Very High

Sponsor my time spent for this blog i.e. pay per hour to get more posts generated. This payment can be in return for advertisement on this blog or just for the sake of service for Islam.
Note: Sponsors can decide which Arabic Particle, Arabic Verbal Form or Arabic Word to post next, but The Qur'an will be 1st priority and until all Qur'anic Vocabulary is completed, other words will not be processed. 

Suggested Posts Series requiring sponsorship now to speed up progress :
Arabic Particles and Related Words Meanings


Advertise your halaal business or institute etc. on this blog via suitable banner or text advertisement on the right side bar.


1. Ideally, I want to spend about 50 hours per week on the blog and its related services. But that is not possible without shifting full-time to the blog. I can't achieve this part-time as a hobby, since the areas I am focusing on are unique and require due time. Hoping that this can be achieved in parallel with spending most of the productive hours doing worldly work for making a living to meet family and financial responsibilities is nothing more than wishful thinking. But, I am rest assured that whatever happens, I am only accountable for what I can achieve using the resources (including time) I have, not for what I could have achieved if something that is not in my control (e.g. sponsorship) also happened. 

2. Other alternatives are selling the knowledge via books, ebooks or offering paid teaching. I don't want to do any of these as my services for Islam are free for all, whether they can afford or not, whether I can generate many posts or no posts, and I recommend sponsorship only from the ones who can afford and who may also want to benefit by advertising in return.

3. Teaching in return for expensive tuition fees is being done by some, selling books on Islam is being done by some, but in my opinion sponsored free for all services is the best option, i.e. win win for all.

Audit of paid services :

1. Indexing service
Payment received = 0
Paid work done = 0 paid book indexes done.
(Names of books for which paid indexes prepared can come here if allowed or if the client requests anonymous book index, then just a count can be mentioned for number of such books done)

2. More blogging (ideally full time)
Payment received = 0
Paid work done = 0 paid posts (Names of sponsored posts can come here)


Non-anonymous sponsors = 0 (Can be named, and linked)
Anonymous sponsors = 0
Also see this page

Note 1: There is no audit for all the free services I am offering via my Islamic Projects and blogs and I only expect my recompense from ALLAH and pray for HIS Approval, Mercy and Paradise.

Offers from Institutes and Organizations for joining them

Organizations and Institutes are welcome to contact me if they want me to work with them, but I won't join or be linked to any organization or institute unless it fulfills my following 2 requirements:

1. All Islamic Work Produced is to be free for all to access in all formats.They can cover costs via sponsorship, funding, donations etc. as long as they don't restrict free access to Islamic Material in any way.

2. No blind acceptance of any institute or organization's views or beliefs. Each view is to be evaluated based on evidence and merit. I am willing to work with them on matters of public benefit as long as they don't demand me to have same view as them. We should work together for mass benefit of Islam and Muslims, setting our differences aside for later or ignoring our differences.

Any genuine reasons for not supporting these Projects, Tools & Posts?

Those who think that I am not the person who should attempt all these projects, tools and posts, you should at least do 1 of the following:

1. Ask your favorite scholar / institute / organization to launch all these projects, tools and posts and make all the end products free for all. (They may use funding/ sponsorship/ donations)

2. Launch these projects, tools and posts yourself. (You may use funding/ sponsorship/ donations)

If you do any of the above 2, then I have no problem at all, if you don't support any of my projects, and am even ready to guide you further on how to initiate these.

These projects, tools and posts are very important. The problems being faced by Muslims are too diverse and complex and there is no single solution. Multiple, parallel efforts are required to solve these and proper research and spread are very important to make knowledge available and accessible to all and in the required depth. Spreading the understanding of Classical Arabic is one of the key steps in this regard.