4 August 2016

Mabhath ul Talib

This post is on the tool Mabhath ul Talib or simply Mabhath, which is still not complete and its beta version can be found at http://ejtaal.net/mh

Mabhath ul Talib (root based dictionaries in text format rather than as images)

This is the unofficial support post for it.

Suggested List of Dictionaries:

Below is nominal list, let me know if any one wants any dictionary deleted or any new dictionary added.

1. Lisan ul Arab لسان العرب
2. Taj ul Uroos تاج العروس
3. Mufradat ul Qur'an مفردات القرآن
4. Asas al Balaghah اساس البلاغة
5. Tahzib at Tahzib تهذيب التهذيب 
6. Al Misbah ul Muneer  المصباح المنير
7. As Sihah fi al Lugha الصّحّاح في اللغة
8. Al Qamus al Muhit القاموس المحيط
9. Maqayiss al Lughah  مقاييس اللغة
10. Al Jamhara الجمهرة
11. Al Ubab uz Zakhir العباب الزاخر
12.  Al Muhkam المحكم
13. At Tahzib التهذيب
14. Al Bare' البارع
15. Kitab ul 'ayn كتاب العين
16. Al Mujmal المجمل
17. Al Moo'ab الموعب
18. Al Mughrib المغرب
19. Taj ul Lugha تاج اللغة
20. Aqrab al Mawarid اقرب الموارد
21. Muhit al Muhit محيط المحيط
22. Mukhtar us Sihah مختار الصحاح
23. Lane's Lexicon

Other Important Arabic Works:
1. Al Mufassal المفصّل
2. Mughny allabeeb مغني اللبيب
3. Sharh ibn Aqeel شرح ابن عقيل على ألفية ابن مالك
4. Al Muzhir المزهر

...More can be suggested

Also I suggest we should add grammatical works and works in other fields of Arabic. The issue will be in dictionaries we get root when we enter a search. What will we get when we search in other works, one option is such works can be divided into portions and on searching all such portions will be returned which contain such term.

Online Folder for existing text files

Send complete text files with name for each dictionary or send link to the complete text file or folder as link in comment. You can post multiple possible text sources for each dictionary. I will inshaALLAH upload all the files to following online folder. 
Online Folder for Text Files

Features and Capabilities of Mabhath ul Talib

Suggestions regarding features and capabilities of Mabhath and ideas on which features to include and why can be sent via email to revivearabic @ gmail.com and ejtaal @ gmail.com (who is the official owner of the project). The selected ideas to be posted on this post inshaALLAH! . Programmers can also discuss programming and software related issues of Mabhath ul Talib.