15 June 2016

Meaning of The Arabic Word Furqan فُرْقَان Furqaan

Core meaning shades for the Arabic word Furqan فُرْقَان Furqaan

Root : ف ر ق

Pattern : فُعْلَان

Word : فُرْقَان

The thing that
makes a clear and complete
distinction, differentiation, decision, division, separation
truth and falsehood, right and wrong, lawful and forbidden etc.

The criterion, standard, differentiator, sifter
for clearly distinguishing and discerning
the truth from the falsehood, 
the right from the wrong, the good from the bad, 
the sound from the unsound, the proper from the improper, 
the well-founded from the unfounded, the authentic from the unauthentic etc.

Last edited: 29-June-2016.

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